Helping manage your binge-worthy podcast so you can get more clients and grow your visibility!

Ready to save time in your business and let an expert help?

If you are ready for expert help at managing your existing podcast, I will help you automate, organize and manage your podcast so that you can focus on creating binge-worthy, irrisistible content for your listeners!

Let's do just that with me as your podcast coach in your back pocket!

so, you're ready for an expert to step in and help your workflow?

  • You no longer have to worry about editing, uploading, or scheduling your episodes

  • You have an expert in the podcasting space in your back pocket

  • You never have to guess which direction to go with your podcast

  • You are getting consistent clients, leads, and new listeners from your ever-growing binge-worthy podcast!

just imagine for a moment that...

You would rather edit, upload, schedule, and do all the necessary things yourself.

You are not ready to have expert eyes invested in your show.

You're not able to invest in a podcast manager.

This is not for you if...

Are you ready for expert help to help automate, organize & manage your podcast?

This is for you if...

Your podcast tasks are taking up precious time that you'd rather hand off to spend in other areas of your life & business.

You just want to record and go about your day!

You're able to invest in exchange for your sanity and time.


  • Audio file editing for weekly episodes (4 episodes between 30-45 mins raw audio

  • Uploading, scheduling, and publishing on the designated date to podcast platform

  • Mixing audio elements (ads, intro, outro, music, ads)

  • Audio quality enhancement

  • Reducing filler words, long pauses, etc

  • Show notes summary with mentions and links to social/website

  • 1 IG reel with caption, OR 1 social media caption for social media feed posts, OR 1 blog post

  • Workflow board via Trello set up

  • Support via Trello (or project management tool of your choice)

elite package

Let's talk investment


  • Audio file editing for weekly episodes (4 episodes between 30-45 mins raw audio)

  • Mixing audio elements (ads, intro, outro, music, ads)

  • Audio quality enhancement

  • Reducing filler words, long pauses, etc

  • Workflow board via Trello set up

  • Upload & schedule to podcast host

  • Final .mp3 file in Google Drive folder

premium package


"It can be hard to find people you can trust with your business, but I feel so at ease working with her. She's knowledgeable, trustworthy, and has such a genuine heart! Pamela is my go-to for all things podcasting now." - Jo Harris

Working with Pamela is a joy!

"I had zero knowledge of starting a podcast other than reading online resources, which gave me a good idea, but I needed more education, and that's what Pamela gave me. I learned exactly what programs to use, how to use them, and, best of all, how to plan out a podcast so that it's successful! Pamela is also fantastic at keeping me accountable, which I needed as a busy designer doing a million things."- Mindy Vassalle

Pamela has been the best podcast guide.

I'm a podcast coach and manager and I’ve successfully launched two of my own podcasts, and both landed in the top 5%! With 5 kids, a business, and a full-time job, I know first-hand how hard it is to pursue your dreams while juggling ALL the things! That’s why I’m so passionate about helping moms like you pursue their dreams with easy, timesaving podcast resources. 

You can ditch overwhelm and frustration by having me in your corner. No matter what you need…I’m here for you every step of the way.

Hey, I'm Pamela!

your new podcast coach. 

Every single woman out there has a unique story that ONLY she can tell, and it deserves to be heard! 

I believe that...

Cookie-cutter strategies – I'm here to break the mold, challenge the status quo, and deliver results that are as individual as you are.

I'm not about...

Coming up with a specific plan for YOUR business and YOUR podcast because we are all different and no business/podcast is the same!

I'm all about...

What Makes Me Different From All the other podcast managers?

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